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The Benefits of Entrusting Your Managed IT Services to Professionals from OmniIT

Managed IT Services in Canberra
At omniIT, we provide managed services across several industries and demographics. We offer complete IT Support and Managed IT Services to small and medium sized business in the Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding area.

What are Managed IT Services?

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a company that manages the client’s IT infrastructure and end user systems proactively for a fixed fee to help the client focus on their business and not their IT.

An IT Managed Services provider or MSP, specializes in providing services to business which they cannot perform in-house, or it is more economical to outsource such services to an IT specialist support company.

One of the greatest benefits our clients get is the reduction in unknown operational cost. With their entire IT Management portfolio under our supervision, we ensure smooth running of their background systems at an affordable with a fixed price support package.

Why Get Managed IT Services from omniIT?

We believe that companies should not have to worry about IT security and IT support when they can focus on other important aspects of their business. Based on our experience, when the in-house team tries to manage IT concerns, it often leads to more disruptions in the workflow, or if not, create more damage altogether.

Our skills, experience, and technical know-how will work to your advantage, precisely because we are professionals that know exactly what we are doing. We do not simply identify and resolve the problems; we try to implement long-term solutions that will prevent these issues from occurring again. In other words, unlike other managed IT companies, we think of the big picture. Being able to mitigate the resurgence of these technical issues can prove to be a huge relief for your operations and will also save you on extra costs.

What are the usual Managed IT Services we provide?

We offer the IT solutions you need to make your business work smoothly. Our services include the following:

*Support Help Desk
*Software and Hardware supply, support and maintenance
*System Management
*Data backup and recovery
*Network security
*Fixed fee
*omniIT is at the forefront of Managed IT Services.

We want to make sure that whatever solution we apply is what your situation calls for. We want to help you solve your IT problems, not add more to it.

Trust us with all your IT support needs - call us today! You can also reach us by clicking on the Contact Us page. Leave us a message with your concern or question, and we’ll walk you through the process on how we handle our managed IT services.

We are your IT department.

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