Free Security Audit

Why are we offering a free audit. What is the benefit to you?:

Most business owners do not know how vulnerable they are to attack and to the resultant loss of data.

Mandatory data loss reporting: It is law that if you have lost control of personally identifiable information that you must inform the government and every person who may be affected by that loss – imagine telling all your clients that you cannot be trusted with their data. How much of a negative impact on your business would this have?


We would like to visit your office of business and discuss your security with you.

Everyone should know about the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight items that cover the basic 8 security measures that all businesses should have in place.

There is a heap of free things that we would tell you about that you can implement

Allow  1 Р2 hours to have a chat. After the meeting we will send a security report highlighting areas that we discussed. Value is $1,000 Рfree to you.

Register for your free security audit.